I swim and ice swim – A blog about a bloke swimming in the cold.

I’m a 42 year old British man determined to find his way to the Winter Swimming World Championships in Estonia, March 2018.  This is the blog about how I will be getting there and just what drew me to get involved in cold water swimming in the first place.


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April 2017 – The sea waves goodbye to winter

My swimming pool subscription costs me £23.50 a month, which I don’t mind paying.  The swimming pool is definitely the safest place to learn to swim.  It is never too long, nor so wide that you are never more than a few metres away from land and mostly shallow enough to be able to stand … Continue reading April 2017 – The sea waves goodbye to winter

March 2017 – Warming up to the idea

By March the average outdoor water temperature was beginning to creep up again and so it was becoming easier and more pleasant to spend more time in the water, particularly as the days were also beginning to get longer.  Night swimming, like ice swimming, is not recommended but it is fantastic fun and for people … Continue reading March 2017 – Warming up to the idea

February 2017 – No time to get cold feet

The temperature at the top of the local mountain Ben Lomond was forecast to be -12’C and the snow line was well below the summits. A group of us went down to the shore in our overcoats, stripped down to our trunks and then got in! Whatever pain and trepidation may have been present was almost immediately surpassed by the tranquil beauty of the moment. The water, though the thermometer said it was barely even 4’C, felt warm and silky, everything was lit up under the clear blue moonlight

January 2017 – In at the shallow end

At the start of the year everyone makes new year resolutions.  Most resolutions are to lose weight or stop doing something like smoking or to start exercising everyday or read a book a week or something for a whole year.  Many resolutions have often lapsed by the end of the month and the written commitments … Continue reading January 2017 – In at the shallow end

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